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A Foreign Worker Income Tax Preparation Firm

H-2 Tax Associates, LLC is a foreign worker income tax preparation firm that serves worker representatives including: farm labor organizations, individual worker clients, and worker advocate groups.

Our Mission

The mission of H-2 Tax is to become the preferred provider for foreign worker income tax preparation needs, by ensuring worker compliance with U.S. income tax laws.


We live up to the highest standards of fairness and ethical behavior


We possess the necessary expertise in income tax preparation


We are committed to providing exceptional service

We know the way.

Income tax law compliance is essential to safeguarding H-2A visa holders continued eligibility

The Results

Get your federal and state income taxes prepared today!


Filing your taxes doesn’t have to be difficult. Find out how we can help!

Questions and Answers

H-2 Tax Associates are experts when it comes to filing your personal income taxes. Review the top questions and answers that we receive from our clients.

What People Are Saying

“H-2 Tax Associates, LLC came to Idaho and spent several days with our H-2A income tax preparation team gleaning from us the nuances of tax preparation as it relates to H-2A guest workers. Ashleigh Mallory, the CEO, brought years of income tax preparation and accounting leadership from the University of Rochester. She quickly grasped the distinctions between domestic income tax law and what is required for H-2A nonimmigrant workers. Finding tax professionals with the tax law knowledge to properly prepare H-2A guest worker returns is very challenging. The agricultural industry desperately needs more tax experts in this growing field. We are very supportive of H-2 Tax Associates, LLC’s entrance into this field.”

Bob Wunderle, CPA and Director of La Posada Tax Clinic

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