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Current & Past Federal & State Income Taxes

We can file your federal and any state Income tax return. Typically, an electronic return takes less than a week to complete and submit to the IRS. A paper return takes 6-8 weeks with mailing and processing time by the IRS.

W-7/ITIN Applications

An ITIN application is a form that allows certain taxpayers to claim spouses and dependents on their tax return. This reduces the amount of taxes our clients may have to pay. This application has to be filed with a current federal tax return. These applications are submitted by paper, and therefore, can take 6-8 weeks processing time by the IRS.

Power of Attorney

A power of attorney allows H-2 Tax Associates to represent our clients to the IRS. We can obtain current and past tax information on your behalf without you needing to call to request information. In addition, a power of attorney will allow you to file your taxes without needing additional signatures from spouses and/or dependents who may not be living in the United States.

IRS Extensions

An IRS extension allows our clients to file their tax return up to 6 months after the typical IRS filing deadline. We can file these forms on your behalf, and this will avoid unnecessary fees and penalties for not filing timely.

IRS Settlements

Sometimes our clients owe back taxes to the IRS. We can negotiate a payment plan, reduce penalties, and insure our clients are tax compliant with the IRS.

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